Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Is There Really Such a Thing as Risqué Lingerie?

For many women who are looking for new lingerie one of their primary goals is to avoid garments that they may consider as risqué lingerie or anything that might look a little questionable. This can be a valid concern for many, but it can be a hard thing to really determine. What may be risqué to one person can simply be considered as flirty and fun to another. In past times, society in general would label things such as clothing as risqué, but in today’s society lingerie is rarely labeled in such a way. There is too much variance in personal taste to make such types of judgment calls.

Risque Lingerie
To many people risqué lingerie can be lingerie that is a bit more revealing than other pieces might be. However, to others the same garment may not be risqué at all, it is just more exciting or sexy. Neither is right or wrong, it is simply a matter of personal opinion. In addition, some like to act out fantasies with their significant other and are looking for lingerie that might be a bit more revealing.

Shirley of Hollywood Venice Shelf Bra
Some might consider this type of clothing risqué. However, to others it is merely a costume that one might use to help in stepping out of their normal appearance and creating a fantasy persona for an evening or weekend.