Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tattoo Magazine - Enjoying Tattoo Culture

Loving tattoos doesn’t mean that you have to cover your body with tattoos. You can enjoy the culture of tattoos by appreciating other people’s tattoos and keeping up with tattoo designers in a tattoo magazine. Some of the best magazines also cover music, studio, and designer articles. A subscription allows you to enjoy the world of tattoo culture without spending all your time at the studio. You can get a sense of tattoo culture internationally an at home. Keep up with the best in tattoos with a great magazine like Inked, Tattoo, or Skin & Ink.

Inked is a tattoo magazine that also focuses on culture, art, style, and music. They feature tattoo art and design. They follow celebrities who have tattoos as well. They have regular articles on musicians, women with tattoos, fashion and tattoos, events, and causes supported by tattooing.

They have galleries of tattoo designs in each magazine. They also have a separate publication especially for women interested in tattoos called Inked Girls. Online they have a store, forums, and spots on tattoo artists. They feature an Inked Girl of the Day each day on their website as well. They also have a television channel.