Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tips For Buying Silk Lingerie

We all, of course, know about the luxurious feel of silk. However, did you know that there are many different types of silk. When you are looking for good tips for buying silk lingerie, you may want to learn a bit about your options. Aside from learning which silk will help make that lingerie comfortable as well as sexy, let’s take a look at some tips for buying silk lingerie for every type of figure.

Exclusive Silk Lingerie

The first thing to know about silk is that there are many different types. All silk is created by silkworms; however the end results can vary quite a bit. Cocoons are spun and then those are soaked in hot water which causes them to unravel. The results of this can be quite surprising, with some threads being a mile long. The raw silk that is cultivated from the silkworms goes through a process to remove a type of guy from the silk. Once that is done, the silk is made into various fabrics and each is of a different quality.

Rule number regarding tips for buying silk lingerie is to buy lingerie that is made of high quality silk. Just the term “silk” is not enough if you wish for a good quality piece that will last.

Chiffon is very light weight and see-through. This is used quite a bit for lingerie as the see-through feature adds to the sex appeal of the lingerie. This type of lingerie is for those who are bold and are not body conscious.

Silk Lingerie

China silk is not often used for lingerie; it is typically reserved for scarves and for fitted garments. This type is prone to tearing at the seams. Crepe de Chine is another type of silk and is actually comprised of twisted fibers. It is very soft and will tear if it is not handled very gently.

Charmeuse silk is the type that is the typical silk that most consumers are used to buying. Often, the back of the fabric is a flattened crepe and the front side gives a sparkling satin appearance. Lingerie made of this type of silk usually holds up quite well.

Rule number two regarding tips for buying silk lingerie is to make sure that the sizing is correct for your particular body. Silk is not stretchy and good fit is important. If you have an ample bust, you may want a style that offers some support for you. If you are searching for silk panties, you will want them to fit rather snuggly, as loose silk is not very flattering.

Sexy Silk Lingerie

Size also goes hand in hand with the level of comfort you feel regarding revealing lingerie. If you are not sure how much you wish to show, you may wish to opt for a cute set with a matching robe. In this way, you have control over how much you choose to reveal or cover up.

Rule number 3 regarding tips for buying silk lingerie is to make sure that you understand the cleaning instructions of the garment that you choose. While most garments will state that hand washing is necessary, you will find that if you wash them on a gentle cycle with gentle detergent and air dry, the results will be the same. It is best to lie the lingerie as flat as possible, as any wrinkles are not flattering.